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A LETTER FROM OUR PRESIDENT... Please help support our mission...

Group Christian Missions

Group Mission Trips began in 1976 in response to a flood right outside our hometown, Loveland, Colorado. Twelve inches of rain fell in one hour and over 140 people were killed. The next summer we put out a call asking youth groups to come rebuild those homes and lives.

Over 300 people came from all over the country to serve, and we've led mission trips every year since…

We now provide a variety of missions experiences serving those in need around the world:

- Workcamps is a continuation of what happened that first summer: summer mission experiences where 400 or so students and adults help repair 50-70 homes for low income, elderly or disabled residents. We've been honored to help repair over 35,000 homes since 1977.

- Weekend Workcamps pack the full impact of a week-long Workcamp into a four day experience. 

- Week of Hope is a community service mission experience service. We serve local ministries and non-profits by helping people in need at food banks, children's programs, senior centers and more.

At Group Mission Trips, our ultimate mission is to serve people in need and create experiences for people to grow in their relationships with Jesus. Will you join us?

Your partner in Christ,

President, Group Mission Trips